Swiss Hacking Challenges 2021

This year we had over 1000 participants participating at Swiss Hacking Challenge 2021. The event took place from March 1st 2021 until May 31st 2021. The SHC 2021 top 20 ranking is given below: You still can register and solve challenge out of competition.
The Discord channel will stay open.
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Looking forward to see you next year at the SHC 2022.


Swiss Hacking Challenge (SHC)

Do you want to get into hacking and cyber security? Swiss Cyber Storm is running the Swiss Hacking Challenges for you!

Learn more about computers and how they work behind the scene! Learn more about computers and hacking - all for free!


If you are a complete Beginner, you should try the beginner challenges. The challenges are about base64 encoding, caesar cipher or rot13 encryption and HEX, BINARY, ASCII or STRINGS conversions. Very important fundamentals for every hacker! Don't worry! We help you understanding these topics. Solve the beginner challenges (help is provided) and enjoy the fun and educational puzzles and riddles. May you want to solve these things with your friends or class mates? Sure! No problem. Go ahead!


After the first level, go one level higher into the Starters challenges. These challenges and riddles are more difficult to solve. Help is provided! These puzzles are more geared towards hacking, cracking and forensics. You will learn how to decipher an encrypted message, cracking an alarm system PIN code or analyzing GPS coordinates of an image. These challenges can be solved by anyone! You can do it!


We have a Swiss Hacking Team, that is participating in the annual European Cyber Security Challenge ECSC final. Experienced hackers can try the Expert challenges and proof their knowledge. Top ranked players from the Expert level are invited to the team selection event (May 2021). It is an extraordinary opportunity representing Switzerland in this pan-European hacking contest. Former ECSC players from Team Switzerland must solve the Experts challenges too. Otherwise they will not being nominated.

ESCS 2021

The European Cyber Security Challenge ECSC 2021 is expected to take place in Prague (Czech Republic) from September 28th to October 1st. Admitted are:
  • in the category Junior the years 2000-2007
  • in the category Senior the years 1995-1999
Ready to join /mnt/ain - the Swiss ECSC Team?

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Please sign-up a Hacking-Lab account and start with the Beginner, Starters or Expert challenges. Enjoy and have fun!

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